With the presence of CHED-Commissioner Dr. De Vera, participants of the conference dished at least two most significant questions which were all related to the Commission on Higher Education.

One key question was on the most-celebrated “free-tuition” pronouncement   aired on local news, which has glorified most parents but has made the SUCs worried on their financial circumstances in the long run. The question clarified as to when would its implementation be and if so, does it cover all students? Dr. De Vera replied this question smartly that, “this mandate covers the tuition only, and which affects only the deserving students of the country.

Another question was on the availability of the Policies, Standards, and Guidelines (PSG) on the K to 12 ready college curriculum. School officials are somehow adamant in trying to revise their respective curricula in a sense that the new PSG is expected to be disseminated soon. But the question is, “How soon would it be available?”. Dr. De Vera replied that the PSGs are currently under review by the Technical Working Group (TWG) and it will be disseminated soon as it is finalized.