The biggest single index of a quality-assured academic program is its accreditation status and the commitment to sustain and upgrade it. As years pass in AACCUP accreditation history, there is generally an uptrend in the number of programs that continuously keep updating and upgrading their levels of accreditation.


Notwithstanding the robust response of all SUCs to accreditation, some 186 programs of the 77 out of 109 member-SUCs had lapsed accreditation status within the years 2013-2015. It means that, for a variety expiration of their validity status as determined by AACCUP.       

The data is broken down by year as follows:    

YEAR Number of Lapsed Programs
2013 19 programs  
2014 67  programs
2015 100 programs
Total 186 programs


Consequently, the Board adopted BOT Resolution No. 6, s. 2016, downgrading these 186 programs whose expiry dates lapsed in 2013, 2014 and 2015. However, in fairness to these programs, the SUCs may be allowed an extension of the grace period by one year if they failed to have these programs accredited due to justifiable grounds like lack of accreditors, provided that these programs are submitted for accreditation in 2017.