The criteria for this year’s AACCUP awards on the “Search for Outstanding SUCs” and the “Search for Outstanding Accreditors” was approved by the Board in its meeting held last Dec. 16, 2016 per BOR Resolution No. 097, s. 2016.  The said criteria have set competitive standards such that it would definitely be an honor and a prestige to be included in the ranking of SUCs and accreditors, from where the Top 10 would be picked out.

At least 1-month before the conference, all SUCs were provided with the needed forms such as SUC profile and SUC accreditors’ profile containing the details of accomplishments. The following are the criteria for the Search for the Top 10 SUCs:

  1. Accredited Programs, which includes the level of program accreditation (from Candidate to Level IV and to Institutional) and the Number of Accredited programs per level
  2. Cooperativeness in sending accreditors during survey visits, for a maximum of 15 points;
  3. IQA Unit whether it exists as a task force, formally organized, with staff, budget, and special orders, for a maximum of 15 points;
  4. Participation to AACCUP Trainings, the number of participants and the frequency, for a maximum of 10 points;
  5. Participation of SUC to the Mid-Year and Annual Conferences, for a maximum of 5 points;
  6. Awards as top 10 for the past 5 Years, as to the level of award, for a maximum of 5 points.

Summing up, a total of 100 points would be the maximum points that a SUC may obtain. The Top 10 SUCs would be given Certificates of Recognition.

Meanwhile, the following are the criteria for the Search for Outstanding Accreditors:

  1. Role in Accreditation across levels of accreditation, for a maximum of 50 points;
  2. Participation in AACCUP Conferences, for a maximum of 15 points;
  3. Participation in the Trainings, for a maximum of 15 points;
  4. Research and Paper Presentation, for a maximum of 10 points; and
  5. Participation in the OBQA Instrument, for a maximum of 10 points.

       All in all, for a total of 100 points.

SUCs and accreditors were asked to accomplish the form sent by AACCUP prior to final evaluation for confirmation and verification of entries. After the evaluation, the  awards committee needs to: a) recheck the entries and computations, b) validate the results from the evaluation committee, and 3) finally approve the results. 

AACCUP will then send notifications to awardees prior to the 30th Annual National Conference.