The increasing number of programs to be accredited coupled with the increasing number of member-SUCs provide an impetus for AACCUP to expand its office.

The QA Specialists Room

With the newly-finished renovation, the Quality Assurance Specialists moved to the new office (4-LM), located just opposite the existing office at Future Point Plaza III, Panay Avenue, Quezon City. Indeed, the new ambience in this office hopes to provide a new work atmosphere for the QA specialists for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The Conference/Board Room

Equipped with cozy tables and chairs, an interactive board, and a coffee nook,  the  Conference   Room   is another structure worthy to  behold. It  is a place where brilliant ideas meet, where plans are laid out, discussed and  approved, for the greater advantage of the member-SUCs. If there is a need to discuss confidential matters, it's definitely not a problem as this place is enclosed with elegant glass sliding doors. Indeed, who would not be able to work well in this cool and comfortable work environment?

The Accreditors' Lounge

Accreditors who would be assigned in Luzon and NCR would get a chance to enjoy the privilege of using this new and luxurious area called the Accreditors'  Lounge while waiting for the vehicles from host-SUCs to pick them up.

Comfortable and elegant  sofa sets, a television set,  a 24/7 wifi access, spacious working tables and chairs, clean comfort room, and a coffee nook enclose this area.  Accreditors who get to this place would definitely enjoy their stay and confirm that this place indeed gives them  “comforts like home”.