AACCUP has already reached a matured stage of existence having developed a robust external quality assurance (EQA) body among state universities and colleges. Thus, it is imperative that the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS)be developed, strengthened and make it implicit with external quality assurance.

This noble action is premised on the following justifications:

  1. AACCUP accepts the basic principle that the responsibility of maintaining quality rests in the education providers,
  2. The eventual transfer of accreditation function to SUCs has been encouraged by AACCUP after having developed a culture of quality or until maintenance of quality is embedded in the institution,
  3. The sustainability of the accreditation practice can be gauged by the continuation of the programs even without the presence of an external agent,
  4. Based on accreditation data in 2015, 23% were preliminary survey visits where services of trained accreditors could have been used in accrediting higher levels of accreditation,
  5. SUCs themselves could save much if the PSVs are to be done by their own Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Body.

With this new policy, it is then hoped that the accreditation system of the different SUCs be expedited, without jeopardizing the cost and quality of the different academic programs. It is further hoped that quality assurance system among SUCs would be more strengthened.