The long-range vision of AACCUP is to develop among SUCs a “culture of quality” such that quality assurance is then rested inside the school system, that SUCs shall maintain a certified roster of quality programs and processes.

AACCUP has always advocated quality assurance in harmony with national and international standards. In keeping with national standards, ACCUP upholds the CHED-initiated Outcomes-Based Quality Assurance

System, through CMO 46, s. 2014, carefully considering CHED definition of quality as ‘exceptional’, to be exceeding very high standards as against defining  quality as ‘fitness for purpose’ or ‘developing a culture of quality’. On the other hand, quality assurance frameworks of international counterparts were accordingly considered; thereby, coming up with its two battles of internalization and internationalization.

From 2014-2016, AACCUP exerted its effort of revising the instrument, pilot-testing it, conducting studies on validity and reliability and finally launched the Outcomes-Based Quality Assurance System. All these were made possible through the concerted effort of the different member-SUCs, its faculty and accreditors, the AACCUP Board of Trustees, and the national and international quality assurance partners who journeyed with AACCUP into what it is today.  Finally, the AACCUP Quality Assurance Framework is conceptualized in Fig. 1, taking into account the program and institutional accreditation that all SUCs need to undergo in accreditation, the IQAS, the levels of accreditation and the areas for accreditation, which all encompass the vision of AACCUP on “Building a Culture of Quality in SUCs”.