The Tarlac State University (TSU) and the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU) are the recent addition to the list of SUCs granted by AACCUP to conduct their own Preliminary Survey Visit. This authority is pursuant to Board of Trustees Resolution No.42, s. 2016 which stipulated the adoption of a new policy on program accreditation, where qualified SUCs are granted the authority to conduct the Preliminary Survey Visit (PSV) of their curricular programs. In 2016, the first two SUCs which enjoyed this privilege were the Visayas State University (VSU) and West Visayas State University (WVSU).


The following are among the qualifications that a SUC must satisfy to be able to be granted the authority:


  • SUCs must have a viable Internal Accreditation Body officially created as a unit in the organizational structure, with definite staff, financial resources, and strong governance and management support;
  • SUCs must have a relatively long experience and substantial achievement in accreditation as indicated in the possession of either being Institutionally-Accredited, having at least 10% of level IV Re-accredited programs, or having at least 30% of Level III Re-accredited programs;
  • SUCs take the following steps:
    • Interested SUC submits application to AACCUP;
    • AACCUP determines qualification of the SUC and if the SUC qualifies, AACCUP enters into a MOA with the qualified SUC
    • SUCs then train the Staff of their IQA bodies
    • SUCs may conduct the PSV, upon approval of AACCUP, following the standard AACCUP instrument for PSV and forms. All reports are then duly submitted to AACCUP for technical review and confirmation
    • If the reports are found viable and accurate, AACCUP grants with NNQAA the candidate status of the program and includes it in the list of assessed programs.

Upon receipt of AACCUP’s certification of “Candidate” status, the SUC may claim and consider the result official. The validity period determines the application for the First Formal visit.