Keeps audience engaged in her talk

The chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Dr. Patricia B. Licuanan, graced the second day of the 30th Annual National Conference. During her talk,  she alluded herself to a ‘mother’ of all higher education institutions (HEIs) in the country. Being so, she said that ‘a mother (referring to herself) is always looking after the welfare of her children (the HEIs); thus, through her talk, she tries to gear the focus of all HEIs such that quality assurance and internationalization are both given equal importance in all higher education institutions.

Shares insights on quality assurance and internationalization

The CHED chair first expounded on the definition of quality as ‘quality for purpose, quality for excellence or distinction and quality for transformation’. As quality of for purpose, she mentioned about horizontal typology as embodied in CMO No. 46, s. 2012 as well as the essence of the outcomes-based quality assurance in higher education. Meanwhile, as for quality for excellence or distinction, she talked about CHED having identified the Centers of Excellence (COEs) and Centers of Development (CODs) as well as vertical typology of respective academic programs all over the country. Moreover, as for quality of transformation of quality culture, she mentioned on Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) to which some HEIs have already embarked with, aside from AACCUP accreditation and ISO-certifications.

Poses challenges to AACCUP        

Institutional quality assurance, outcomes-based approach, and harmonization and standardization are the challenges that CHED poses to AACCUP in the coming years.

Clasps talk by sharing CHED mantra

Dr. Licuanan clasped her talk by sharing the CHED mantra which was very captivating and thought-provoking, “Quality assurance is a requirement for internationalization; and, internationalization is a mechanism for quality assurance” which is indeed thought-provoking and  worthy of everyone’s attention.