During this annual gathering, five international QA experts were tapped as speakers and discussants. They were:


  • Dr. Angela Hou Yung-Chi, the Vice-President of APQN had an APQN hour when she talked on “Accrediting the Accreditor: The APQR and Other Concerns”;
  • Dr. Fabrizio Trifiro, the Deputy Head of the International Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education in the UK, talked on “Quality Assurance of Cross-Border Education”. 


Meanwhile, the  roundtable discussion on the “Glimpses of  Best Practices on Quality Assurance Around the World” was participated in by

  • Prof. Dr. Hazman Shah Abdullah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Quality Assurance), Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA);
  • Dr. Jong-Tsun Huang, President, Higher Education Evaluation And Accreditation Council Of Taiwan (HEEACT);
  • Ms. Dirce Maria Celia Da Silva Costa Belo, Quality Officer, National Agency for Academic Assessment And Accreditation (ANAAA);  and
  • Dr. Samson L. Molao, the President of  CFCST & Member, AACCUP Board of Trustees represented Philippines.

The roundtable discussion was facilitated by no other than the APQN Vice-President, Dr. Angela Hou Yung-Chi.