This year’s AACCUP national conference marks significant beginnings, as the President of the Asia-Pacific Quality Assurance Network (APQN), Prof. Dr. Jianxin Zhang, has accepted AACCUP’s invitation to serve as one of the guest speakers during the 30th Annual National Conference on February 15-17, 2017 at Century Park Hotel, Malate, Manila.

Prof. Dr. Zhang’s favorable acceptance signals a more strengthened partnership in line with quality assurance in the country and in the entire Asia-Pacific region.  In addition, her presence is hoped to boost the  accreditation spirit as radiated by her  passion towards quality assurance. Prof. Dr. Zhang currently hold prestigious positions internationally such as: Chief expert of Yunnan Higher Education Evaluation Center (YHEEC) and Research Director in Yunnan University in China.  Moreover, she has been the advisor of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) for International Quality Group (CIQG) since 2012.

AACCUP is hopeful to forge more ties with Asian and other international quality assurance counterparts to further align its activities and programs into the international quality assurance frameworks.